Molly Jenks & Yeager

Yeager in his pen
Yeager in his pen

Yeager was gathered from the Callahan HMA in Nevada.  He was assigned to Molly Jenks as a 2010 mustang makeover horse in the Norco, California Extreme Mustang Makeover.  Molly pickup up Yeager in February of that year and had 90 days to gentle and train him for the Norco EMM, a 2 day competition. They had to compete in different sections such as body conditioning (which they won), in hand, arena work and offsite trail work through the streets and hills of Norco and crossing the river as well.  They finished in the TOP TEN and Molly was able to “adopt” him at the end of the competition.  The horses at the EMM are all auctioned off for adoption to the highest bidder. And even though she trained Yeager, Molly had to put him through the sale and be the highest bidder to get to take him back home.

Yeager with flag
Yeager with an American flag

Currently Molly and Yeager are doing Western Dressage, Trail Trials, Extreme Cowboy races, Obstacle Courses, Parades, and of course being an advocate of mustangs.

Yeager is currently on the cover of DAC feed supplements catalog and is the first MUSTANG to grace that cover.  Molly and Yeager are sponsored by DAC in their travels in California promoting mustangs.  He was Molly’s first mustang to gentle and train, since then she has done 13 more mustangs.

We are proud to have them as members of the Wild Horse and Burro Association, Inc. and wish them many more wonderful miles together.

Yeager the parade horse!


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