Winner of WHBA Horse Registration #1

Jennie & Chance
Young Chance

Chance and her owner Jennie:
Arlington Washington is where Jennie Kreutzer and her boyfriend Charlie call home. Jennie decided to be the  “ stays at home girlfriend” to take care of their “furry” children, and considers herself lucky to be retired at the age of thirty-nine.

Jennie began riding at the age of seven, owning and showing until she was eighteen years old, when she took a hiatus from horses until about eight years ago, when a friend of hers needed to downsize their herd.

Jennie had been following the Mustang U blog, took part in a naming contest that Tracey Westbury offered to name the foal of a Sale Authority mare Tracey had named “Liberty”. Jennie came up with the winning name of Liberty’s Last Chance, and the wheels were put into motion! Read more Winner of WHBA Horse Registration #1